Trophy Art

You caught your record-fish and want to keep it with all its details and in life-size? I preserve your catch into a unique piece of art. If you want an original Altmann Gyotaku of your catch, register here for my exclusive trophy art service. You report your catch, and I will come to Your fish with my equipment.
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Good catch, Olaf Altmann

Blue Marlin

In September 2012 Olaf Altmann took place on the "Pesca de Altura" on Fuerteventura and had the fortune and opportunity to make a gyotaku of this giant Blue Marlin. The record fish got 411kg with 
a total length of 4,36m. So this wonderful and powerful creature 
could be saved on silk in full size.

906 Libras/411´200 kg
L;347 cm
A;174 cm
Tronco cola;47 cm

Fecha: 08/09/12
Hora: 12:00-12:46

Lat: 28º 12‘.193 N
Lon: 013º 48‘.616 W

Barco: Maynieves
Patrón: Alfonso Valls De Quintana
Skipper: Domingo Betancort Hernandez
Mate: Pedro Arquímedes Bermudez Hernandez
Coje pico: José Simeón Páez Páez
Fotografía: Bernardino Güemes Artiles