Olaf Altmann was born in Hamburg in 1971. As a child he discovered his passion for drawing and painting. He is also always been fascinated by fish and other marine animals, which were early on a favorite subject of his painting. In 1994 he spent several months on Maui, Hawaii, where he was inspired by fish paintings in "Gyotaku" style. From then on, he gained experience and developed his own techniques. Altmann prepares the fishes in a special way and paints them with a brush, roller or airbrush before placing the silk cloth and feeling all detailes. After lifting it up, the silk shows an exact replica of the fish with very individual accents that make each image unique.
Today many fish prints develop in his studio in Hamburg. As a passionated amateur fisherman While traveling Altmann always got color and silk-cloth in his luggage to do gyotaku with his own catch of the day.